Anatomy of Knives

It is true that one of the most basic one and hand tools when it comes to a commercial kitchen is the usage of the knife. We have now so many different types and range of knives. It is all true that sometimes, it becomes difficult for us to actually decide that which knife is best and suitable for us. Get that knife that can well match your task. If your knife will be matched with your particular task then you will see an increased productivity at your hand. Here we will talk about the anatomy of these Damascus knives. Check out the below details:

Bolster Part of a Knife

This part is usually present on these forged knives. You can call it as the thick band which is made of steel. This bolster part and section is usually and primarily present right between the heel and also the handle. Because of the bolster, you can easily balance your life. You can prevent your hand from getting injured or from getting slipped if this thick band is present on your knife.

Butt Part

Then we have butt part. It is the end of any knife handle.

Edge of Knife

It is a sharpened part of any knife blade. This edge of knife blade usually extends right from the heel and end to the tip of the knife blade. It is quite important that you have to maintain a very sharp edge on your knife. If you want your knife to show maximum effectiveness then you need to sharpen its edge regularly.

Knife handle

This part is also called with the name of scales. Gripping surface is given to a knife with the help of this handle. You get a grip on any sort of knife by taking this handle in your hands.

Knife Heel

It is a rear portion of your knife blade. It is used for the tasks like if you want to cut think kind of products or if you want to cut down toughest products. When force is required and needed during cutting tasks then heel portion is used.

Spine and Tang Section of knife

It is a top part of the blade and it is present at the opposite side edge. Then we have a tang, it is too the part of the blade and it has its extension right into the handle. This spine gives and offers balance. If your knives have full tang blades then they will always be considered as superior knives in terms of balance as well as durability. If your knives have sub tang or if any of your knives have half tang then that knife will be less durable, on the other hand, it will be more economical. Anatomy of Damascus steel wedding rings will be shared too.

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