Drivers Ed Authority in Florida


Driver’s Ed is an online driving school which helps a person to attain high quality online education in driving while at the same time helping save lives and money and attaining Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles permits.drivers ed

If an individual of at least 15 years wishes to exercise and enjoy his freedom of driving, he can apply for a driver’s license at Drivers Ed Florida. He or she then has to pass a road rules test at the local Florida Driving Authority and receive the driver’s license.

Passing the Permit Exam

The online driving course of helps an individual to take him or her through a road trip across the United States. Progressing through the course, the individual learns about various concepts ranging from basic seat adjustments to complex manoeuvres like merging and parallel parking. By taking the course, the individual can also receive a full high school credit.

The is a unique one in regards to taking the students on a virtual road trip across the United States and at the same time teaching them about being a safe and a knowledgeable driver. The students who successfully manage to pass the program at the first time are allowed to pass the driver’s permit test.

A Huge Passing Rate

Concerned parents usually think multiple times before allowing children to go ahead and apply for a driving program. However, they are sure to have lesser second doubts while letting their ward apply for the Drivers Ed Florida program. This is generally due to the 99 percent passing rate.

The mobile friendly course at the Drivers Ed make sure of the fact that parents don’t need to drive their children to the classes as the program keeps the students engaged and learning.

The parents are also assured as in the duration of the entire Drivers Ed Course, the people from Drivers Ed are always by their side. Parents can rest easily as the course has been curated by specialists who have an experience of teaching more than 10000 students on driving safely. The Drivers EdFlorida course uses evidence-based research on safe driving and using this course has been created which cites many-respected figures in the industry.


The team at Drivers Ed strives to prove only and only one goal. To help train students to finish the online driving educational course and remain collision free for their entire lives. This is done by creating an engaging atmosphere which interests them in the material provided by the Drivers Ed.

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State Permit

A driver’s permit allows a person to drive on the roads as long as they are 15 years old and they are under the supervision of an adult who is at the very least of age 21. The specialists at helps the candidates throughout the process of successfully completing the driver’s ed course and passing the skills and knowledge test at the local DMV and acquire their permit.