Golf clearance outlet catering to all your golfing needs

If you are a golf enthusiast and are keen on collecting authentic golf clubs and equipment, then Golf clearance outlet is the one-stop destination for you. This is an online store that deals in all kinds of golf equipment at an affordable price. Nowadays when you shop online, very few sites give you cent percent assurance of an original product; you often end up with duplicate products. But this website makes sure to cater to your golfing needs with genuine clubs and kits.When you log on to their website, you will find ample information about the company; there is a lot of transparency regarding their suppliers, policies, customer service and so on. There are more than enough reasons why you should shop with this store and some the major ones are listed below.

golf clearance outletAuthentic products

If you are enthusiastic about a sport, you will understand that how you become more particular with every aspect of it; for example, if you are a golf player, you want your clubs and kits to be of supreme quality and branded. Golf clearance outlet will supply you only original products but at a very affordable pricing. The reason that they are able to give high quality products at a cheaper price is that they have tied up with top golf equipment manufacturing brands across the world. These golf clubs and accessories are shipped from their distributors directly to them. This decreases the cost of the involvement of a third party. Hence, you get 100% original products at an inexpensive price.

Variety of golfing equipment

 Golf clearance outlet deals in a huge variety of branded golf clubs and equipment. Hardly can you find so great a range of stuff under the same store name. They have stuffed their supplies with the best products of different brands. In this site you will find golfing accessories, golf clubs, kid’s golfing sets, gloves, golf apparels, bags, putters, training aids and lot more from the best brands.

Excellent customer service

Needless to say that Golf clearance outlet is famous not only for their genuine and affordable supplies, but also for their brilliant customer service. In case of any query regarding your order or delivery of the order you can contact their customer service helpline, and their staff will guide you through your problem.

  • Their delivery service is very fast. Once you have confirmed your order and they receive your payment, you order will be shipped within 72 hours. Your order will be delivered to your registered address within 5 working days and if the given address is located in some remote place it takes about 7-10 days.
  • They even customize your golf club according to your requirement. Their website has necessary details that has to be filled in by you and they will instantly send you an e-mail with the details of the customized golf club most suitable for you.

    golf clearance outlet

  • They also have information regarding golf tour packages on their website. Whereby you can get to know about the most celebrated golf tournaments around the world and can yourself be a part of it. All the bookings regarding these tours can be done from the Golf clearance outlet