How can you take care of your knives just like a pro?

Can you think about the easy ways that how can you take care of your Damascus skinning knives just like a pro, we can tell you! If you will ask the 100 chefs that which is the most essential and important tool according to them in their kitchen then all 100 chefs will say, it is a knife! Be it for the home cooks or be it for the professional chefs, no kitchen tool can be that much important for them likewise knives are important for them. How can you make your knife to work more consistently and more quickly as well as more efficiently, we will tell you:

Hone Your Knives Regularly

You have to sharpen and hone your knives your regularly. The point section of a knife is used to cut things so it has been hone properly. The sharper your knife will stay for a long time, the better it will be going to do its cutting job. This math equation is all simple. Sharpen your knives and make the cutting job simplest. You should hone and sharpen your chef’s knife each and every time. Honing will make your knife to work better. As soon as you will hone your knife, its teeth will get realigned. Apart from doing frequent honing, you should sharpen your knife every 6 to 18 months time gap.

Avoid putting knives in a dishwasher

At any cost, you should not put your knives in a dishwasher. We know that it is a convenient appliance but never and ever place your nice knives in a dishwasher. This appliance will hurt your knives as this is an abrasive machine. The presence of detergent in it will also hurt your knives. You can hand wash all your knives simply. By using a soapy sponge and giving them a simple scrub, this is what on a preferable basis you have to do!

Choose the cutting surface wisely

You should choose the cutting and chopping surface wisely where you will be using your knife. Your cutting board should not be made of ceramic. This material will harm the health of your knife. You should also stay away from using cutting boards which are made of slate or glass or made of marble. History has proved that wooden cutting boards should be used for chopping and cutting. A plastic board can too do this job in a fine way. After finishing off with your cutting job, you should not scrape and remove the ingredients from the cutting board by using your knife blade. This act will ruin your cutting board surface. You can the back part of your knife to remove these left-over ingredients from the cutting board.

Removing knife stains by using lemons

If it is a carbon steel knife, then it will often get stains on it. But a ceramic knife will hardly get stains on it. To remove these stubborn stains, you have to scrub your knives by taking a lemon and scrub them until and unless the stain disappears. Then you can rinse your knives immediately.

And how about cleaning a Damascus steel sword, that guide will be shared too.