Moving out: Quick and Easy

Moving out is always such a pain- there is so much work to do! From calling the movers, fixing a date you think will be suitable for, packing stuff and then finally moving. It is a hectic process and you need everything done perfectly. You can’t afford to leave anything behind now, can you? Hence the question remains: how to move efficiently? In the following few steps, the article will not only go on to show you how to pack for a move but also help you with your moving checklist and everything else you will need to have a hassle-free shift to your new home.

how to pack for a move	moving checklist	how to move

  • The early bird catches the worm

The key to answering the question of how to move fast lies in starting early. No matter how good you may think you are, packing will take longer than you are planning- always be prepared for unexpected things to pop-up. Call the movers at least a month early so that you can get your proper estimates. Start with packing things that are used the list. Make a moving checklist so that you don’t miss anything important out.

  • Make a plan

Like everything else, things go smoother when you have a blueprint mapped out. When thinking about how to move, you should fix a spot in your house, one that generally goes unfrequented, to act as your packing station. This will help you demarcate between stuff you have packed, haven’t packed and are planning to pack soon, without leaving anything out.

  • Pack Strategically

When thinking “how to pack for a move?” the first thing that comes to your mind are those large cardboard boxes. Gather these recyclable boxes from your nearest U-Haul, These are not only Eco-friendly but also cheap. Fill in the larger boxes with lighter stuff like clothes, curtains etc. Make a moving checklist to make sure you are packing everything and not leaving anything out. Distribute the heavier stuff like books among smaller boxes so as to distribute the weight. You won’t believe the magic this little strategy can do.

  • Label everything and stay ready

  Make sure everything is labelled on both sides. This will help you know which box has what and this is really helpful while unpacking, as it keeps everything organised. Have everything packed before the mover arrives- keep nuts and bolts close to disassembled furniture, rolls up whatever can be rolled up like carpets and rugs. Always mark what boxes contain fragile items as it’ll help in taking care of them. Movers generally charge by the hour, so the more organised you are, the quicker your shifting gets done and thus you save more!

how to pack for a move	moving checklist	how to move

With this, you know how to pack for a move. Be it your first time or your fifth, shifting is always a hassle and is very time-consuming, to say the least. But at least now, you know how to save up on time and money and effort.