SEO Portland – Best Marketing Plan and Strategy for Small Business

Getting more traffic to the website is the first part of business improvement with SEO Portland services. Converting them into sales conversions is the best part of the deal you have opted for. The speed and reliability of the conversion factor makes the services trustworthy. Here you need to stop for a while and think about the word “more”. How much more than what you currently have could be called effective? This is where the efficiency of conversion comes into picture. The SEO Portland service providers give you a perfect plan based on the number of more visitors and conversions you wish to have for a specific period.seo portland

SEO Portland – More Traffic with More Conversions

  • Attraction: – The term attraction can be attributed to attention and curiosity of the visitors when they see the link to your website in the search engine result page. The title and the short description have to be relevant to their needs to get their attention. For example you can assume a scenario in which a user inputs “jeans pants in Portland”. The result with “top quality jeans pants in Portland”, “Best brand Denim jeans pants” or “cheap jeans pants in Portland” could be some of the titles to grab their attention, depending on the needs and wants of the searchers. Keep the description short and meaningful. “Buy the top rated brands at rock bottom prices now” could be one of the ways in which you could write the description. This is specifying the benefits for the user and encouraging them to take immediate action. The chances of clicks are “more”.
  • Curiosity: – Attraction need not always result in immediate click on the link. The searchers might make a note of the link and look for better options. They might think of coming back if they don’t find a better option. Now it is time to create curiosity among them, so they will click and enter the site before the thought of browsing for “more” comes into mind. “Buy now and get more discounts” could be one option to ignite the curiosity. “Grab better discounts and free gifts” could be another text for creating curiosity. These text descriptions make them click on the link on the reflex. Now they have entered your website, you should see what they can do next.seo portland
  • Engage: – Landing the visitor on the product page directly can help in saving time and encouraging them to explore. Keep the web page design simple and attractive with “more” focus on the product images and short description. Clear categorization for men, women and children can help them choose the specific type faster. Specifications of size, color, design, material (Option for visitor selection or input), price and discount can make them feel confident about the range of stocks in your store.  Dynamic image changes as they go on changing the specifications parameters will retain their attention and increase the curiosity. Once they have found what they need, encourage them to go ahead and place the order. With SEO Portland services these tasks are made simpler and faster. Now you can expect more traffic and more conversions.