The World’s Best Quality Kratom at Golden Monk Kratom

At Golden Monk Kratom, finest quality of kratom is sold at cost-effective prices. The product offered is supremely high quality with the commitment of 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Only some of the strains worldwide contain the same amount of alkaloid percentage as the kratom found at Golden Monk

Reasons why Golden Monk Kratomis awarded as the best kratom:

  1. The botanical quality of their kratom is superior because of the kratom farmers with years of expertise.
  2. Also, each and every batch of kratom at Golden Monk Kratom is tested to perfection, and only then the product is released into the market.
  3. Other methods which make Golden Monk Kratom supreme are:

  • Distinctive Farming Methods

The procedure that is involved in selecting and buying Golden Monk Kratom is an important element in determining the prices and quality of the kratom. The kratom used by Golden Monk Kratom is selected in a very natural way and is not developed in a controlled setting. This is due to the fact that kratom plants need adequate amounts of sunlight, shade and water supply. Lacking either of them could compromise the quality of the plant.

As disclosed on their website, kratom produced by Golden Monk Kratom is highly sustainable in nature. This is because of the simple fact that Kratom farmers follow a simple and specific method of sustainability. While harvesting a particular batch of Kratom plants, many immature plants are left to mature.

They carry this procedure because harvesting too many wild plants in a certain area may lead to choking the natural supply in that particular zone. This is a very serious problem caused by many unethical farmers. The farmers at Golden Monk Kratom often use methods, keeping in mind, what is the best for the sustainability of alkaloid-rich kratom.

  • Drying

Aside from harvesting mature leaves, the farmers at Golden Monk Kratom use the selected methods for drying the Kratom leaves very carefully. Also, to ensure that the delicate alkaloids are preserved, a careful process is executed during the drying phase. All the drying are carried indoors.

Directly drying the kratom leaves poses damage to the leaves and thus leading to potential damage to the leaf’s quality. Drying at Golden Monk Kratom is done on special racks which allow the air to circulate above and below the leaves. It takes the leaves several days to dry before the leaves are ready for grinding.

  • Alkaloids

The Research community is highly interested in various strains of the kratom plant. This is because of their potential “Medical Purposes” due to the presence of alkaloids. Some of the most famous alkaloids of interest include:

  1. Mitragynine
  2. Mitraphylline
  3. 7-hydroxmitragynine

By harvesting mature plants, the product offered by Golden Monk Kratom is not stomped by middleman trading companies and thus offering an optimal product. This is the reason why customers love alkaloid-rich kratom.

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  • Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Phone Number: 1.604.302.7353

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