Radon in home

What is radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that is obtained from the decay process of uranium. It is dangerous to human health because of the continuous emission of radioactive gases. Recent studies have shown that it is cancer causing agent of class a category. It means that after exposure to radon for a certain period of time people can develop cancer. Recent studies have shown that exposure to the decay products of radon has become the second most common cause of lung cancer.

Where it comes from?

You might be wondering, you have never seen nor smelled or heard radon or its rays, then where it comes from? The natural source of radon is soil or rocks. Yes! The walls, the soil you are all the time surrounded by ha radon in it and you are exposed to it without knowing.

The dangerous levels of radon

Not all the levels of radon are dangerous and pose the health risk. According to The United States Environmental Protection Agency and Surgeon general, radon levels of more than 4 Pico Curies per Liter for a long time causes lung cancer in people.

The health concerns and its demands

Owing to the increase damage t the health, you must be concerned about Radon in home or in any commercial property you are living in. These concerns have evoked the need to get your property or home tested and cleared of radon. This is also particularly important before you sell or buy your home or any other property.

Offers by many companies:

This increasing awareness about radon has provoked many people to start the business of testing radon in home and if possible, clear your home from it. Radon insurance and licensing are available widely, and people after receiving it can practice their business to provide radon testing services. However, not all the people dealing with radon are experienced? They have made it a business instead of understanding the situation and well being of their clients. So you need to make a thorough research before selecting or trusting such companies to get your home tested for radon in home.

Radon testing and mitigation services Milwaukee

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